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High-Quality Plastering Services Across the Billingshurst Areas

At South East Home Improvements, our team completes a variety of plastering to suit each domestic customer and letting agent’s unique requirements. We use plaster to create a smooth, uniform and stable finish to walls and ceilings. This makes it possible for us to create a range of textures and decorating finishes on the walls. Our team delivers this quality plastering service to all locations in Burgess Hill, Billingshurst, and the local surrounding areas.


Our Plastering Services

We are highly experienced at finishing all types of plaster work to the highest standard in a short time frame, so any other property maintenance services can also be completed as quickly as possible, including carpentry work and refurbishments. 

The methods we use most frequently include the following:

  •  Bonding Plaster

  •  Skimming Plaster

  •  Dry Lining Installation

  •  Soundproofing Plaster

  •  Insulating Plaster

Bonding Plaster

Bonding is a type of undercoat plaster, which means that we apply it is as a base coat for either a new wall or a wall that needs to be patched. It is versatile and highly adhesive which means that it sticks well to walls, ceilings and is an excellent surface for top coats and painting.

Skimming Plaster

Skimming is a method that requires our talented team to plaster a thin coat on walls. We typically use this method to smooth walls with existing plaster and create an even finish. Our team have many years of experience which means that we are accomplished at plastering walls to the desired thickness and ensure that they are finished evenly and attractively.

We can complete plasterwork as part of South East Home Improvements’ first-rate property maintenance service. Our time-served team also undertakes all carpentry work for home improvements in Burgess Hill, Billingshurst, and the surrounding areas.

Dry Lining

Dry lining is a system that we use when a ‘wet’ plaster either doesn’t suit the type of work to be completed on top of it or is simply not required for the project. We attach plasterboard to walls creating a smooth surface that is ready for painting. This system can be quicker than traditional plastering because it is already dry and, once attached, is ready for decorating.

Soundproofing Plaster

Soundproofing plaster is perfect for customers that work from home, have children, have a space where they need to record, or for customers that live in semi-detached or terraced houses and want to reduce noise pollution. The soundproof plasterwork that we complete reduces reverberations and absorbs sound to a great working standard and is visually appealing.

Insulating Plaster

All insulating plastering projects that we work on add an additional layer to customers homes that block thermal transitions whilst still allowing moisture to dissipate. The insulating plasterwork that we complete can save customers costs on the heating bills for their properties in Burgess Hill, Billingshurst, and the surrounding areas.

The team at South East Home Improvements, provides a first-rate decorating service to finish all plastered walls that we have completed for customers and letting agents. We can help customers with design and planning ideas as well as advise on which type of plastering will achieve their desired aesthetic for their build and work best with their decoration specifications.

For plastering work finished to perfection in Burgess Hill, Billingshurst, and the local surrounding areas, please call South East Home Improvements on 07548 749467 today.